Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Photo credit: Pouya Dianat, Atlanta Journal & Constitution

Today we are proud and inspired. Today we rejoice.

But tomorrow? Tomorrow it's back to the work.

Tomorrow we begin again, committing our energy, our vision, and our vast compassion to the ideal of equal rights for every person in this country, gay and straight.

Tomorrow we begin again, harnessing our anger, our outrage, our absolute incredulity (How could this happen? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?) and turning it into something else: a force for change.

Tomorrow we begin again, believing that unjust laws based on fear---laws like California's Proposition 8, Arizona's Proposition 102, Florida's Proposition 2, and Arkansas's Unmarried Couple Adoption Ban---can't possibly stand, can't possibly stop us from loving the people we choose to love.

Tomorrow we begin again by trusting in the future, sure that justice can't be far.


All day I've been singing this song to myself, whispering it, a prayer:

We will get there
Heaven knows how we will get there
But we know we will

It will be hard we know
And the road will be muddy and rough

But we'll get there

Heaven knows how we will get there

But we know we will

I believe it. I do.

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